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*Peer Response* My Guilty Pleasure…

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This is a peer response for Jania post on her guilty pleasure of watching reality TV. I feel now that Im in the plans to buy my first house Im obsessed with watching  networks like HGTV, DIY, TLC and Style. These shows have way of getting me hooked and going to Home Depot or Loews to find out how I can make it myself to save money since the bad economy and to be responsible.

My favorite shows are all on HGTV,  Divine Design, Color Splash and Property Virgins ( good for first time home buyers)! They all give me something diifferent which I can incorporate into my new home.

With Divine Design, the designer, Candice shows how to tackle challenging home design dilemmas. Her team give ways to redesign spaces that are sophisticated and stylish by adding small accents that make it a 180 degree transformation. This is great for home owners who need help making their homes full of Divine Design!

Color Splash is a fun and entertaining show that does exactly what the title says adds a Color Splash to boring and bland homes. It really demonstartes how color can make a room in a home become alive. I went to a relatives house the other day and noticed how they incorporated simply tips from the show to make a huge difference to their living room by adding accent pilliow, artwork and a new wall color. All these samll touches make a memorible mark to anyone who enters a room or even a warm feeling to the home owner.

Property Virgins is the fast pace guide of house hunting through the eyes of first-time buyers. I was able to get another point of view on exactly how much goes into buying a new property. The mixture of practical take-home advice from the host Sandra Rinomato (part realtor, part therapist, friend and financial advisor) makes it easy for new buyers to see the the hard reality of what it takes to find the right property.


Response #12 2012 Election!

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Imagine a world where everything is at your finger tips. You can order food, buy clothes, and choose our next president! Now open your eyes and notice you are in the year 2012. In the next few years, techonology will continue to evolve to make things easier for the public to make decisions. After studying the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, its evident that his use of grassroots and social media was a leading factor of why he was elected as the 44th President. Not only did his team use various social media platforms correctly, such as facebook, blogs, youtube, etc. they made it easy for people to know about Barack Obama and why he was the better candidate.

As discussed in The First Campaign, the 2008 election was the first campaign that used technology to engage a tech-savvy younger generation which communicates via many social mediums. Now that future presidential candidates understand the impact the youth play in winning an election they will need to find ways to attract them as supporters, brand ambassadors and volunteers to cause a buzz on and offline.

After reviewing the Edelman Obama Write-up I was impressed how well organized the Obama Team was inorder to pull off such an impressive  social media campaign. Below are the 10 key learning taken from the campaign which could be useful to other organizations to better engage and activate supporters.

10 Lessons from Obama’s Social Media Campaign

1. Laddering support through tiers of engagement

2. Empowering super users

3. Providing source materials for user-generated content

4. Going where the people are

5. Using tools people are familiar with

6. Ensuring that people can find your content

7. Mobilizing supporters through mobile devices

8. Harnessing analytics to constantly improve engagement activities

9. Building the online operation to scale

10. Choosing the right team




I believe the key to winning the 2012 election online is going to be a mixture of the 10 key learnings above and a organic fresh campaign with a sticky message. As we have seen Obama’s campaign set the bar high for the use of techonolgy to get the public’s attention. For the 2012 election there will be a need to follow that formula and create a solid movement on startegically chosen platforms in order to reach your goal number of votes to become president.

*Peer Response* My New Years Resolution {SAVE MONEY}

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After reading Ryan’s Post for Getting a Leg up I started thinking what’s going to be my new years resolution this year. I usually go with the regular resolutions like losing weight or being more active. But due to the economy this year I believe I need to really start saving money for the future. I’m terrified when I saw how many people have signed up for unemployment in the past two years. Every month when I see my Wachovia Bank statement, I cringe to think of how much money I spend on non-important items like clothes, dining out and buying things I don’t need.

This past Saturday I coordinated a charity event and noticed that many people were actually spending money in this economy as well. Many of my friends doubted the event was going to be a success but surprisingly people came ready to donate or to buy artwork for the cause. After the event, I asked an attendee who had purchased multiple items how they were surviving in this economy and he said “he plans ahead“. He tries to save every buck so that when important events come around he will be able to splurge a little. He also told me that he bought discounted advanced tickets for the event and only bid on art work which he believed to be a deal since all the art work was tax deductible since it was going to charity.

After thinking about different ways to save a buck here and there, I realized that it wouldn’t even be that hard to sacrifice a little to reap the reward of not being broke or in debt. I guess now companies will need to take some advise from Chris Anderson and understand the value of niche markets and learn how selling less of more items might help in this bad economy.

Response #11 Yeman is my Playground

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While checking out Global Voices Online, I noticed they do a good job of getting local bloggers from all around the worlds perceptive on whats going on in their countries. The country I chose for this week’s post was Yemen, not only was it the only country that started with “Y”, it also had a variety of compelling blog posts about living there.

I noticed that the most recent blog entry was from August 19th, 2009, which made me think that either there arent that many bloggers in Yemen or they just dont blog as often as people in the U.S. I did see something discussing the freedom of speech in Yemen, which might be another factor in why there werent frequent writers.

Due to the ongoing war between Saudia Arabia & Yemen, I would expect many of the entries from Yemen bloggers would be discussing their opinions on the matter or new updates there were in the conflict. But to my surprise there was a lack of interest on the war. In one entry, the blogger writes, “The ongoing war in Yemen certainly warrants coverage on Global Voices Online, but I was really shocked when I realized that there weren’t many bloggers interested in the conflict.”

After reading a few other entries, I realized that many of the bloggers write about news updates such as people killed in natural disastersU.S. Embassy attacks and

I checked the Google Trends for Yemen and noticed the sparatic updates as well and very similar topics to what I found on Global Voices Online. After fully exploring Yemen’s blogosphere I believe that due to their lack of internet resources due to their internet being monopolised by the Yemen Communications Company (Tel Yemen), owned jointly by the government and British company Cable and Wireless.

Even though Yemen was one of the first Gulf states to introduce the internet, it will be a few years until the access will be enough for the demand. Hopefully it will happen soon so they will be able to get their voices heard!


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I know AIDS isnt the happiest thing to talk about, but today is the day to celebrate the progress we have made in search for a cure and the journery we still have til no more innocent people will die over the life-threatening disease.

Today hundreds of organizations, are coming together in a mission to have people learn, act and give in the name of AIDS! One event that I will be attending is this Saturday, with Artists for Charity! 

Did you know that Washington, D.C. – home to one of the largest Ethiopian populations in the country – has one of the highest HIV infection rates, per capita, in the United States?

For the past three years a group called Artists for Charity (AFC) has challenged people to think about this and related issues in an annual holiday event in conjunction with World AIDS week. The non-profit organization, which also runs a group home for HIV positive children in Addis Ababa, uses the occasion to raise funds for its Ethiopia project.

This year’s theme for the holiday benefit is “A Taste of Ethiopia,” offering silent and live art auctions of artwork from painters and photographers including artwork by the AFC Children, live performances, authentic Ethiopian cuisine, and cocktails, showcasing the rich culture and beauty of Ethiopia.

In addition to raising funds to support the Children’s Home in Ethiopia, AFC’s 3rd- annual benefit will seek to raise awareness on the HIV/AIDS crisis here at home, in the D.C. area.

Hope you can spread the word and make a difference by donating!


Response #10 Wikipedia & Artists for Charity…

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For my wikipedia report assignment I decided to make a new entry about a non-profit called Artist for Charity (AFC). They have been doing alot of great things to raise awareness and funds for Ethiopian (where I am originally from) orphaned children living with HIV/ AIDS. I was surprised they didnt have a page since they have been becoming so popular in such a short time frame.

The overall wikpedia experience was not that bad. After going through the tutorial and looking at other entries it wasnt that hard to edit or make a new Wikipedia entry. It was much easier than I imagined since many of my classmates kept on asking me on the status of my report all week long.

After realizing the work that goes in to Wikipedia, I honestly think I will begin to contribute more to the community and ask others to do the same, especially women. After making the page for the Artist for Charity, I sent it to one of my friends who volunteers for the organization in Ethiopia and the organizers were very happy to be on the map and noticed it  would help by having it as one of the top searches when looking for Artists for Charity.

This changed my perspective on the project and wikipedia, because I never knew how much wikipedia helped with google rankings for organizations, subjects, popular items, etc. In class, I remember discussing how wikipedia links will show up high in the search, but to have someone from the organization recognize it first made me feel as though I helped the AFC to get a little more exposure.

I learned alot from the assignment and feel as though I was accepted by the wikipedia community. I even had a a cleaner user, named woohookitty  edit the entry. So I guess my page is inviting others to edit the page to make it the best it can be. Overall the assignment was easier than I thought it would be.

Wikipedia Response #9

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Should we trust Wikipedia or an expert-led encyclopedia more? How could Wikipedia be better set-up to better provide accuracy? Should it be open to everyone or just verified “experts”?

One thing that sticks out to me about Wikipedia is how all of my undergraduate college professors would tell me that it was not considered a reliable source for citations in class. Even though I was able to find an abundance of factual information on the site, teachers believed that since multiple people were adding information it was not the most reliable information source. I would always go to Wikipedia to get a synopsis or explanation on a certain subject but have to research further by a more credible source when discussing topics for many of my classes.

So now that I have to give my reasoning behind why I don’t trust Wikipedia more than an expert-led encyclopedia you will understand my basis of not being allowed to cite information found on the site for many years. I believe my professors understood how anyone, not only experts on topics, but individuals who had little insight on topics were in a sense defining what others perceived as the truth, expect for certain protected entries. Which is why that fear is what makes the site lack credibility.

Fortunately for Wikipedia, they monitor their pages more frequently and even have verified accounts which only select “experts” are able to edit or make additions to pages i.e. George W. Bush. Now that I know there is some order to the entries I do feel as though Wikipedia could become better set-up to better provide accuracy.

Ironically though I think what sets Wikipedia apart from other sites in its category like Citizendium, knol, amapedia is that it is open to everyone. If we limited Wikipedia to just verified “experts” I don’t think we would be able to find so many topics covered in the depth they are currently and it would also seem a bit biased since they are describing the subject or topic from only a experts point of view. 

I think the appeal behind Wikipedia is that it is one of the last few sources that is by the people and for the people. I know that even though many individuals deem it as being not trustworthy or even dependable it allows people the freedom of belonging, power and to have fun. Whether you like it or not Wikipedia is an incredible resource and great example of crowdsourcing.

Response #8 Crowdsourcing Friend or Foe?

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The buzz about “crowdsourcing”  comes with good and bad opinions. I first was introduced to this problem solving source when I attended a social media MeetUp a couple months ago. The host asked a couple of start-up social media businesses in the area to share their experiences with social media and running a digital company.

I was most intrigued by GeniusRocket, which we discussed in class last week so it doesnt count 🙂  But what opened my mind about this new tech/ cost saving phenomenon was the fact that anyone could help a business fulfill a certain task without even meeting. Whether it’s a stay-home mom or part-timer, their efforts, costs much less than paying traditional employees and adds the view of someone from the outside. Instead of outsourcing the tasks they have now opted to crowdsourced which saves money and time.

One site which I was reading about was InnoCentive which was founded in 2001. This was the first global web community for open innovation, enabling scientists, engineers, professionals and entrepreneurs to collaborate to deliver breakthrough solutions for innovative R&D-driven organizations.

InnoCentive Seekers are the businesses, non-profits, individuals who submit Challenges to the InnoCentive Marketplace where Solvers, a number of engineers, scientists, inventors, business people are invited to solve them in return to receive financial awards to the winning submission. By the success of this business I feel that it is very useful and they get credibility by having some well-known InnoCentive’s Seekers such as Procter & Gamble, Avery Dennison, Eli Lilly and Company, GlobalGiving and The Rockefeller Foundation.

Another crowdsourcing site which I think is unique and trendy is Poptent a community of filmmakers (and actors, comedians, grips, animators and more!) who are connecting to each other and to companies that want to pay them for their talents.

Poptent members are the people who come to the site to find ways to make money by building a portfolio, collaborate with other creators and find brands they can help. Like the site explains, Poptent brands are seeking new ways to reach their consumers and create new audiences. Creating the trends by tapping the source of these trend setters first is one of their biggest advantages.

Social Media Class Status Update #7

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By examining the history and theory of social media, I found it most surprising that we (users of social media) have so much power. After reading books like We the Media, Cluetrain Manifesto and The Search I have realized how important people are behind the driving force of the Internet revolution.

In learning how the first so-called bloggers gained popularity through simply describing their life experiences and hobbies in online journals which people would read and follow allowed me to reseach what blogs I would like to subscribe to for my personal and professional use. This shows how the average person writing a somewhat popular blog has that much influence on others which many companies try to imulate by paying millions to develop objectives, strategies and tactics that can result in the same mass mobilization of followers, voters, advocates and consumers.

Currently what I have learned that has most changed my thinking or way of working is understanding the connection between the history and theory of social media inorder to be able to identify what makes social media tools effective for movements, business, and personal interest. Through writing our assigned weekly blogs I am able to evaluate and envision possible futures for social media as well as certain topics which interest me. By learning how ideas and information is spread I have been given the basic reasons why social media and its use of new technologies is enhancing our ability to communicate with one another.

The Internet has dramatically altered how we communicate.  Email, YouTube and Twitter and other social networking tools make it easy to reach your audience.  But in this class I have been learning ways on how important it is to make it a two-way conversation through social media. We have reviewed tons of good blogs and websites which get noticed in this new, content-overloaded environment, but by using information and targeted messages effectively I am gaining s much knowledge that I will be able to use during and after this course.


RESPONSE #6 What surprises you about gaming? MMOG

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I have always been interested in gaming, since I grew up playing games on Nintendo and Playstation. I still remember blowing inside the video game tapes for Nintendo in order for it to work properly. Some of my favorite games were Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, and Duck Hunt! Who would have thought the gaming experience would evolve into such a huge phenomenon?

Now it seems that companies are making millions of dollars from visitors playing their MMOGs. More recently, I have played games like Halo, Madden and Call of Duty and have noticed all the added elements such as graphics, usability, and the ability to play against people through chat rooms and online. The advertisements for these games has also grew rapidly and have made gaming more mainstream and a lifestyle.

I have never played a MMOG, so this week I tested out a military themed game called “Military Mayhem” and I can honestly say there is a reason why most games are geared to men. It was very boring and hard to understand and didnt really relate to any of my interests. The usability of the site was also complicated so it took me a longer time to even understand how to play the game.

Many companies and government organizations use MMOG to influence users on certain issues and the military game was a very good example of that. Sometimes users don’t realize that there are persuasive messages implemented in the games. Studies show that these games are mostly effective in getting their messages out. Whether it’s to join the army to fight in the war or stop the war by surrendering, a message is being portrayed that will go along with your statements.