Response #12 2012 Election!

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Imagine a world where everything is at your finger tips. You can order food, buy clothes, and choose our next president! Now open your eyes and notice you are in the year 2012. In the next few years, techonology will continue to evolve to make things easier for the public to make decisions. After studying the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, its evident that his use of grassroots and social media was a leading factor of why he was elected as the 44th President. Not only did his team use various social media platforms correctly, such as facebook, blogs, youtube, etc. they made it easy for people to know about Barack Obama and why he was the better candidate.

As discussed in The First Campaign, the 2008 election was the first campaign that used technology to engage a tech-savvy younger generation which communicates via many social mediums. Now that future presidential candidates understand the impact the youth play in winning an election they will need to find ways to attract them as supporters, brand ambassadors and volunteers to cause a buzz on and offline.

After reviewing the Edelman Obama Write-up I was impressed how well organized the Obama Team was inorder to pull off such an impressive  social media campaign. Below are the 10 key learning taken from the campaign which could be useful to other organizations to better engage and activate supporters.

10 Lessons from Obama’s Social Media Campaign

1. Laddering support through tiers of engagement

2. Empowering super users

3. Providing source materials for user-generated content

4. Going where the people are

5. Using tools people are familiar with

6. Ensuring that people can find your content

7. Mobilizing supporters through mobile devices

8. Harnessing analytics to constantly improve engagement activities

9. Building the online operation to scale

10. Choosing the right team




I believe the key to winning the 2012 election online is going to be a mixture of the 10 key learnings above and a organic fresh campaign with a sticky message. As we have seen Obama’s campaign set the bar high for the use of techonolgy to get the public’s attention. For the 2012 election there will be a need to follow that formula and create a solid movement on startegically chosen platforms in order to reach your goal number of votes to become president.


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