*Peer Response* My New Years Resolution {SAVE MONEY}

In Uncategorized on December 8, 2009 at 8:48 pm


After reading Ryan’s Post for Getting a Leg up I started thinking what’s going to be my new years resolution this year. I usually go with the regular resolutions like losing weight or being more active. But due to the economy this year I believe I need to really start saving money for the future. I’m terrified when I saw how many people have signed up for unemployment in the past two years. Every month when I see my Wachovia Bank statement, I cringe to think of how much money I spend on non-important items like clothes, dining out and buying things I don’t need.

This past Saturday I coordinated a charity event and noticed that many people were actually spending money in this economy as well. Many of my friends doubted the event was going to be a success but surprisingly people came ready to donate or to buy artwork for the cause. After the event, I asked an attendee who had purchased multiple items how they were surviving in this economy and he said “he plans ahead“. He tries to save every buck so that when important events come around he will be able to splurge a little. He also told me that he bought discounted advanced tickets for the event and only bid on art work which he believed to be a deal since all the art work was tax deductible since it was going to charity.

After thinking about different ways to save a buck here and there, I realized that it wouldn’t even be that hard to sacrifice a little to reap the reward of not being broke or in debt. I guess now companies will need to take some advise from Chris Anderson and understand the value of niche markets and learn how selling less of more items might help in this bad economy.


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