Response #11 Yeman is my Playground

In Uncategorized on December 4, 2009 at 1:21 am

While checking out Global Voices Online, I noticed they do a good job of getting local bloggers from all around the worlds perceptive on whats going on in their countries. The country I chose for this week’s post was Yemen, not only was it the only country that started with “Y”, it also had a variety of compelling blog posts about living there.

I noticed that the most recent blog entry was from August 19th, 2009, which made me think that either there arent that many bloggers in Yemen or they just dont blog as often as people in the U.S. I did see something discussing the freedom of speech in Yemen, which might be another factor in why there werent frequent writers.

Due to the ongoing war between Saudia Arabia & Yemen, I would expect many of the entries from Yemen bloggers would be discussing their opinions on the matter or new updates there were in the conflict. But to my surprise there was a lack of interest on the war. In one entry, the blogger writes, “The ongoing war in Yemen certainly warrants coverage on Global Voices Online, but I was really shocked when I realized that there weren’t many bloggers interested in the conflict.”

After reading a few other entries, I realized that many of the bloggers write about news updates such as people killed in natural disastersU.S. Embassy attacks and

I checked the Google Trends for Yemen and noticed the sparatic updates as well and very similar topics to what I found on Global Voices Online. After fully exploring Yemen’s blogosphere I believe that due to their lack of internet resources due to their internet being monopolised by the Yemen Communications Company (Tel Yemen), owned jointly by the government and British company Cable and Wireless.

Even though Yemen was one of the first Gulf states to introduce the internet, it will be a few years until the access will be enough for the demand. Hopefully it will happen soon so they will be able to get their voices heard!


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