Response #10 Wikipedia & Artists for Charity…

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2009 at 6:49 am

For my wikipedia report assignment I decided to make a new entry about a non-profit called Artist for Charity (AFC). They have been doing alot of great things to raise awareness and funds for Ethiopian (where I am originally from) orphaned children living with HIV/ AIDS. I was surprised they didnt have a page since they have been becoming so popular in such a short time frame.

The overall wikpedia experience was not that bad. After going through the tutorial and looking at other entries it wasnt that hard to edit or make a new Wikipedia entry. It was much easier than I imagined since many of my classmates kept on asking me on the status of my report all week long.

After realizing the work that goes in to Wikipedia, I honestly think I will begin to contribute more to the community and ask others to do the same, especially women. After making the page for the Artist for Charity, I sent it to one of my friends who volunteers for the organization in Ethiopia and the organizers were very happy to be on the map and noticed it  would help by having it as one of the top searches when looking for Artists for Charity.

This changed my perspective on the project and wikipedia, because I never knew how much wikipedia helped with google rankings for organizations, subjects, popular items, etc. In class, I remember discussing how wikipedia links will show up high in the search, but to have someone from the organization recognize it first made me feel as though I helped the AFC to get a little more exposure.

I learned alot from the assignment and feel as though I was accepted by the wikipedia community. I even had a a cleaner user, named woohookitty  edit the entry. So I guess my page is inviting others to edit the page to make it the best it can be. Overall the assignment was easier than I thought it would be.


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