Social Media Class Status Update #7

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2009 at 3:36 am

By examining the history and theory of social media, I found it most surprising that we (users of social media) have so much power. After reading books like We the Media, Cluetrain Manifesto and The Search I have realized how important people are behind the driving force of the Internet revolution.

In learning how the first so-called bloggers gained popularity through simply describing their life experiences and hobbies in online journals which people would read and follow allowed me to reseach what blogs I would like to subscribe to for my personal and professional use. This shows how the average person writing a somewhat popular blog has that much influence on others which many companies try to imulate by paying millions to develop objectives, strategies and tactics that can result in the same mass mobilization of followers, voters, advocates and consumers.

Currently what I have learned that has most changed my thinking or way of working is understanding the connection between the history and theory of social media inorder to be able to identify what makes social media tools effective for movements, business, and personal interest. Through writing our assigned weekly blogs I am able to evaluate and envision possible futures for social media as well as certain topics which interest me. By learning how ideas and information is spread I have been given the basic reasons why social media and its use of new technologies is enhancing our ability to communicate with one another.

The Internet has dramatically altered how we communicate.  Email, YouTube and Twitter and other social networking tools make it easy to reach your audience.  But in this class I have been learning ways on how important it is to make it a two-way conversation through social media. We have reviewed tons of good blogs and websites which get noticed in this new, content-overloaded environment, but by using information and targeted messages effectively I am gaining s much knowledge that I will be able to use during and after this course.



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