RESPONSE #6 What surprises you about gaming? MMOG

In Uncategorized on October 28, 2009 at 5:17 am

I have always been interested in gaming, since I grew up playing games on Nintendo and Playstation. I still remember blowing inside the video game tapes for Nintendo in order for it to work properly. Some of my favorite games were Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, and Duck Hunt! Who would have thought the gaming experience would evolve into such a huge phenomenon?

Now it seems that companies are making millions of dollars from visitors playing their MMOGs. More recently, I have played games like Halo, Madden and Call of Duty and have noticed all the added elements such as graphics, usability, and the ability to play against people through chat rooms and online. The advertisements for these games has also grew rapidly and have made gaming more mainstream and a lifestyle.

I have never played a MMOG, so this week I tested out a military themed game called “Military Mayhem” and I can honestly say there is a reason why most games are geared to men. It was very boring and hard to understand and didnt really relate to any of my interests. The usability of the site was also complicated so it took me a longer time to even understand how to play the game.

Many companies and government organizations use MMOG to influence users on certain issues and the military game was a very good example of that. Sometimes users don’t realize that there are persuasive messages implemented in the games. Studies show that these games are mostly effective in getting their messages out. Whether it’s to join the army to fight in the war or stop the war by surrendering, a message is being portrayed that will go along with your statements.


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