What are you doing for Worlds AIDS DAY this year?

In Uncategorized on October 27, 2009 at 8:25 pm

When you think of World AIDS Day, you think of giving back and discover real stories about HIV. This year for World AIDS Day, Im planning a event for a great organization called Artist for Charity (AFC). I have been volunteering for AFC for the past two years and use my expertise in event planning and marketing to show my support by asking artist, friends, family and , the community to donate art work, money, time or spread the word about a great cause.

On December 5th, Artists for Charity is hosting its 3rd Annual holiday benefit at the WVSA’S Gallery in Washington DC. One hundred percent of the sales will go to directly support the Artists for Charity Children’s Home.

Artists for Charity is a nonprofit organization founded on the belief that all people, regardless of place of birth, sex, or current medical condition, are entitled to certain basic rights, especially education and health care. In Ethiopia, Artists for Charity has translated its mission into action by focusing its efforts on the care of HIV positive children who have lost both parents to AIDS.

The Artists for Charity Children’s Home was created to provide care for HIV-positive orphans until the age of 18 or graduation from high school. Because the Children’s Home is intended to care for those children who have no other alternatives, the children that come to the Home are usually those who have been disqualified from entering other institutions by factors such as age, health status, etc. The Children’s Home provides excellent services for these children, including the necessities of life such as shelter, food, and clothing, and also ensures that the children are enrolled in school, have regular doctor visits, take medicine, and engage in other extracurricular activities. The Children’s Home is intentionally small to closely resemble the family unit, and focus is placed on the holistic development of the children (mental and social as well as physical).


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