Do Restaurants Need StarPower?

In Uncategorized on October 27, 2009 at 4:32 pm

Since entering the event planning industry a few years ago, I have been considering to open my own restaurant lounge in the Washington, D.C. with a celebrity partner. After seeing the success and failures of other celebrities and their restaurants such as, P Diddy’s Justin’s Restaurant, Justin Timberlakes’ Southern Hospitality and Eva Longoria’s Beso.

Justin’s restaurant is a mix of Southern soul food and tangy Caribbean cuisine, the menu features delicious dishes such as Grandma Jessie’s sweet barbecue chicken wings, Louisiana seafood gumbo and Puff Daddy’s Seafood Pan Roast. Another reason why the restaurant is so popular is because you can also find some of your favorite celebrities enjoying a nice meal or poppin’ bottles of champagne just like Justin’s owner, P Diddy.  


D.C. is a melting pot of cultures, politics and fun events. By opening my own lounge I would be entering a very consintrated market, yet with the proper starpower behind it, I believe the venue has the potential for success. I want people to think of my restaurant if they are looking for a great place to spot a star or just party like one, and with a star like P Diddy or Justin Timberlake people will make sure to stop by the restaurant to indulge in piece of the a celebrity mogul’s lifestyle.
Some celebrities brands can help not only their establishment, but also their city. For instance, Sean “P Diddy” Combs does not only run New York City, he runs Atlanta too. After opening his up-scale restaurant, Justin’s in Atlanta, Georgia. P Diddy brought his life of extravagance to every aspect of his restaurant and the developing metropolitan city. Celebrities have so much influence on the consumer behaviors, that multi-million corporations such as Hp and Pepsi have been willing to pay celebs like Beyonce Knowles and Tiger Woods big buck endorsement deals just to be the face of their products.

These days, many high-profile people feel that by adding their name to a product, service or even restaurant can bring some extra revenue to those company’s and their personal portfolios. And by partnering with one of these many celebs, I believe I will be able to give an added element to my own restaurant.



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