Response #5 Should we be afraid of Google?

In Uncategorized on October 21, 2009 at 1:00 am

People are always afraid of things they don’t know about or don’t know how far will go. That’s why after reading the Economist article, I understand why people might be afraid of Google.

But people also need to understand that there are always companies that grow fast and then all reach their peak and another product, service, tennis shoe or even search engine will come along to take its place.

Yes, what Google has done with all its platforms and specialties like Google earth, Google reader, Google Maps, Google Analytics and the rest of the Google family of products is amazing.


But instead of being afraid of Google, people should embrace its business model and company culture for creative and always leaping forward to give the world something innovative.

After reading Search, I began to understand that Battelle’s idea of search as a database of intentions where it was a living artifact of immense power by knowing what people want is true.

This concept is what scares people about google. Its impact on society as a whole can help people find out information that could prevent bad things from happening or help people cause destruction. The same place where people can learn how to start a non-profit is the same place where someone can learn how to build a bomb.

But instead of pointing the finger at Google, people should think about the actual authors of the content that is on the Internet that might be radical, dangerous or even harmful. Even though it seems like Google owns the Internet since it has its hands in almost everything, it doesn’t!

Google might own some products on the Internet; it still tries to make itself know as just the messenger or database where all the information is stored. They are just doing their part in allowing people use their Constitutional freedoms. There are many other search engines like Yahoo, Msn, Ask, etc. but they are still trailing behind since they aren’t as marketable or aggressive as Google. They might be able to do similar commands and have creative ideas, but they still have trouble contenting with the new generations who have set their mind on using Google.


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