Response #4 Don’t Be Tardy to The Party!

In Uncategorized on October 14, 2009 at 1:33 am

I’m an event planner and co-owner of the site www.talkofdc.com, a popular site for the DMV’s best parties, events and gossip. Since my job involves so much entertainment and nightlife, I love to meet people and make sure they have a good time at one of my events. When I search for popular events and meetings in the DC Metropolitan area, similar sites Im a user to come up.

Inorder to have my events well attended, I do a lot of marketing and advertising on many social networking sites in the events field. Some sites I like are Meetup.com, where people find a Meetup Group near themselves to join and be apart of discussions, events, etc.; Eventful, where people post events, festivals, and share with other members who might be in that city visiting; lastly there is going.com; the site which gives you things to do, places to go and people to see. All three are web services that aim to help users search for, track, and share information about events, but each does it in a different way.

I believe in this area most people have been using Meetup more often since its one of the oldest ones and easier to hear about the latest events from members of your group. But I feel that if your not in a specific group or “Meetup” you don’t get the special information and are left out.




Going.com is personally my favorite new and up and coming event site because its much more interactive and has more features. It’s also geared more to my demographic target of young professionals and party- goers who are looking to have a good night out. With not even a year behind going.com, it has managed to conduct heavy marketing campaigns and partnerships in 30 cities. The site also makes it easy to post events and send to your friends with facebook, which is a great tool for people who still are heavily connected to facebook, but don’t want to terminate their accounts in order to use another site.

While reading the Long Tail, I was beginning to understand that even though people like to know what is the “hit” or “trend” at the moment they still like going away from it to find an alternative choice. I find myself looking for other choices, like, going.com just to say Im not always following the pack of people who join popular social networking sites for events like, facebook, twitter, myspace.com, etc.

Thanks to all these special interest sites, they are helping me spread the word and create buzz about my events, fundraisers, charities and community programs. It would be very difficult to reach the same amount of people in the same short time frame in the pre-web era. In order to spread the information, it would cost more time and money and would probably force me out of the industry due to the difficulty in gathering all the important elements I am able to by just using the internet.


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