Response #1: How Many Theses in The Cluetrain Manifesto?

In Uncategorized on September 23, 2009 at 3:12 am

Christopher Locke states, “This book tells a story. Four times. Many times. It is the story of how these things have happened — and some powerful hints about what could happen from here on out.”

This statement began my quest on finding the main goal of the book, which the author wanted readers to leave with since it’s repeated many times. And how this main theses will help mold our future in years to come.

With the creation of the Internet, people seemed to get information faster than ever before. Humans were used to finding news from television, radio, the community, friends, family, etc. But once the Internet was introduced it allowed there to be a new dialogue between 2 or more individuals where people were not afraid to ask questions and probe for more until eventually finding it.

This search for more knowledge affected more and more people due to the connection via the World Wide Web. This unique platform allowed multiple persons to search, read, write, and create subjects of interest all while on the Internet. Even though this new platform involved less face-to-face interaction, conversations between users grew and It seemed everyone had an opinion on something that allowed markets to grow as well.

After understanding the importance of the 1st theses “Markets are conversations”, I believe it is the one thesis in this book. The book touches on many different topics, but everything eventually goes back to that one statement. It’s the main voice of the book. The author reminds you that without a conversation nothing can be started and to start something you need a conversation between two human beings.

In history, markets were said to be the meeting grounds of all industries, so if there were no conversations among the traders, the farmers, the everyday person, then none of all the great ideas which were created would have been implemented. And we wouldn’t be able to build upon those to create new ways of thinking. I leave you with another quote that can better explain why my argument is true, stated by Christopher Locke, “The power of conversation goes well beyond its ability to affect consumers, business, and products. Market conversations can make — and unmake and remake — entire industries. We’re seeing it happen now. In fact, the Internet itself is an example of an industry built by pure conversation.”


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